Education Care and Health Plans

On 1st September a new law came into place that replaces Statements of Special Educational Needs with Education, Care and Health Plans (EHCP).  By 1st April 2018, every child who now has a statement of special educational needs will have their statement replaced by and EHCP.   Some of the key changes are:

EHC plans will be available from birth up to age 25 and are intended to cover the educational, health and social care needs of a child or young person.

The EHCP will be a single assessment process covering education, health and social care.

Young people with SEN will have stronger rights than at present.

Young people are defined in the legislation as those over compulsory school age and up to age 25.

In making decisions under the new legislation, Local Authorities must have regard to the ‘views, wishes and feelings’ of children, parents and young people.

Local Authorities will have to publish a ‘local offer’ setting out information on the education, health and social care provision which they expect to be available for children and young people with SEN and disabilities.

Parents and young people will have the right to request a ‘personal budget’ to allow them to make their own arrangements for certain provision contained in their EHCP.

There is a new Code of Practice which can be downloaded from the Department for Education website  if you put the following URL in your browser